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About Chiropractic

Chiropractic Can Help Stop Pain When It Starts

By restoring proper function and movement of the spine, chiropractic care can help treat and prevent many kinds of problems.

The practice of chiropractic requires a thorough understanding of complex anatomical and biological principles and functions. This is why your doctor of chiropractic (D.C.), like any other doctor or health professional, must undergo years of special training to master this healing art. Successful completion of standard premed undergraduate classes is one prerequisite for admission to a chiropractic college. The chiropractic college curriculum is a four-year graduate-level course of study encompassing basic science and clinical classes and laboratories and concluding with a clinical internship. The practice of chiropractic requires graduation from a chiropractic college and successful completion of multiple national and state chiropractic board examinations, as well as annual continuing education throughout one’s career.


The Chiropractic Process: Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment

All new chiropractic patients begin their care with a consultation performed by the doctor. During the consultation, the patient’s health problem is discussed and the doctor decides if the patient has a condition that chiropractic can help. The consultation is followed by a physical exam. This exam includes different neurological and orthopedic tests and several tests that are specific only to chiropractic. If indicated, X-rays and other diagnostic imaging studies can be performed.

The doctor uses the information obtained to establish a diagnosis and plan of treatment. Treatment usually consists of spinal adjustments and adjunctive procedures. The spinal adjustment is the most important aspect of chiropractic care. The Doctor of Chiropractic uses various adjusting techniques to realign the spine and restore more normal position and movement. The doctor also decides if other care is needed. Various procedures are frequently used in conjunction with the spinal adjustment to reduce pain and inflammation and speed healing. These procedures may include ice or heat packs, electrical stimulation, ultrasound or traction.

Chiropractic care is usually given as a series of treatments lasting from a few weeks to a few months. The doctor monitors the patient’s progress during each treatment and usually performs progress evaluations during the treatment schedule. First visits at the office typically require about an hour. Subsequent visits usually last about 30 minutes.

Chiropractic care is a pleasant experience. Most people look forward to their treatments. Contact Us Today

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